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Beira Grass Roots Gardeners

Friendly, free to join, group of enthusiastic gardeners in the Beiras area of Central Portugal. We aim to bring together enthusias...

Spring Fever - A gardening check-list for the Mediterranean

Spring Meadow flowers FEED AND FERTILISE -  Use a slow-release fertiliser over planted areas. This will be deeply absorbed into the s...

Life without a Lawn in São Bras

Interview with holiday home owners near São Bras. Did you ever contemplate having a lawn?  To be honest, yes we did.  However, that...

Mediterranean gardens and the visual civilization

by Jean-Paul Brigand  Erwin Panofsky supports the idea that the triumph of linear perspective in the Renaissance is not only based on a ...

Orange Revolution

When I think of the colour orange, I think happy. I can’t really explain why. I know the Hindus think of it as a happy colour – orange silks...

Roses for the South of France by Joanna Miller

People often ask my opinion on the best roses to plant in the South of France, where I have lived and gardened for nearly 40 years. In my ...

Roses in a Mediterranean climate – pain or gain ?

Rosa 'New Dawn' filling an arch  Our last garden in the UK was a small town garden with brick walls and hot sandy soil which dried o...

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